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Meet Moose

Updated: Mar 10, 2018

Today, is not only my birthday (New Year's Eve baby!), but it also marks the one year anniversary of when I found out I would be getting a bunny. This time last year, I was having a difficult time accepting that I had to put my bunny of nine years down. His name was Bear, but I called him "Bunny" because that is all he would respond to.

I bought Bear when I was 16-years-old. My parents told me I couldn't have a bunny, so naturally, I went out and bought one. I tried to hide him from my parents, which I did successfully for a total of 18 hours. Luckily, my mom has always been a huge animal-lover, so she let me keep him. I bought Bear when I was having a tough time dealing with the death of a close family friend who was like another mom to me. Having to say goodbye to him last year was exceptionally difficult because it brought up so many emotions I did not want to deal with. I was fortunate enough though to get to say goodbye to him.

My boyfriend, who I now live with and have been dating for over four years, knew I was having a tough time being rabbit-less for the first time in over nine years. When we first started dating, he said he would never have a rabbit as a pet; I know, I know, how did I not dump him right then and there?! Well, as adamant as he was, I figured he'd change his mind after getting to know Bear plus it was early in the relationship, so I really didn't think much about it. When we moved in together last year, my boyfriend still wasn't sure if he was ready to have a pet and since Bear was living at my parent's when we moved in together, he still hadn't experienced having a bunny.

He knew it would mean so much to me though to have another rabbit. So on this day, one year ago, he gave me the best present in the world. He gave me stuffed-animal bunny along with card saying he would buy me a bunny whenever I was ready. I am not ashamed to admit that, at 25-years-old, I have slept with that stuffed bunny every single night for the last year. It was the sweetest and most thoughtful gift I ever received, and I was obviously ecstatic about getting a bunny!

I could have gone out the next day and bought a rabbit, but I knew we would have a lot of preparing and bunny proofing to do before we could get one. Bunnies are rewarding pets, but they are a lot of work and getting one isn't something to be taken lightly. We spent two months buying everything we needed and bunny proofing our home before getting Moose.

We brought Moose home early March and have been in love ever since! We are so excited to share our journey with Moose and now Hippo with all of our Instagram followers. I originally started the Instagram just because I thought it would be fun to have a place with our favorite pictures of Moose. I ended up learning so much about bunnies through interacting with other accounts, and it became this great tool to both give and get advice I thought I knew everything there was to know about bunnies before getting Moose, but I have learned so much from other bunny accounts!

We are excited to start this next chapter of sharing a little bit more of our life with Moose and Hippo. Checkout the pictures below for some baby photos of Moose!

Hope you enjoy joining us on this journey!

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