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Let's Talk Bunny Proofing

Updated: Mar 10, 2018

Hi Everyone!

I was thinking for my second blog post I should talk about bunny proofing. I get a lot of questions on Instagram about how I have bunny-proofed my home to allow Moose and Hippo to free roam.

Before getting Moose, I spent two months searching for something that would cover our cords and protect them from tiny bunny teeth. I couldn't find anything I felt would really work, so we began the process of rearranging our home and brainstorming other ways to make all our cords completely unaccessible.

The first thing we had to figure out was what to do with the main light in our living room. Our living room's most convenient light is hooked up to a light switch on the other side of the room. Unfortunately, the plugin for this switch is close to the ground making it impossible to have anything plugged into it with bunnies running around. Luckily, I came across the best substitute on Amazon! It is a plugin with a remote. Best part is it only costs $12! This allowed us to plug the lamp into another plugin safely located off the ground while keeping the lamp on the other side of the room and still being able to turn it on from the hallway with the remote (just like we were able to before with the light switch).

I would definitely recommend the below plugin for anyone experiencing a similar issue. I mounted the remote to the wall so that we always know where it is and it is out of reach from Moose and Hippo. Moose has already chewed off most of the buttons from one of our TV remotes! I learned the hard way to never leave the remote on the bed again.

The next thing we worked on was bunny proofing our TV stand. Below is a picture of it pre-bunny. As you can see, there are cords EVERYWHERE!

If you look underneath the TV stand, you can see it is the perfect spot for a little bunny to run around under. We knew it would be easy to put a back on the TV stand and drill holes for the cords, but trying to figure out how to block off the bottom portion was another story!

We eventually came up with the idea to build something that would slide under the stand. As you can see below, the back and bottom is completely covered up now.

Demonstration of what it looks like if you pull it out.

Here is a side view. The vase is blocking the entry from the side, but as you can see the sliding bottom part goes all the way to the back.

All we did was measure some blocks of wood to fit within the TV stand, screw them together then paint it white to match!

I should mention that even though you cannot see it in my photos, my furniture does have plenty of teeth marks on it! For the most part, Moose and Hippo have been great about not chewing on furniture. However, there have been a couple of times where either they were bored, hungry or just plain mad, and they caused a lot of damage in just a couple of minutes!

It does help with furniture chewing or carpet digging if you are able to catch them in the act and scold them immediately. Hippo and Moose both know that when we snap our fingers and say "no" to stop what they are doing immediately. They both caught onto this pretty quickly when they were younger.

If you are thinking of getting a bunny though, just be prepared that you will probably end up with teeth marks on your furniture. I was so upset the first time Moose took a huge chunk out of the leg of one of my favorite chairs. However, my anger didn't last long as the second I turned around after inspecting the leg of the chair, I saw Moose just sitting behind me with his cute little face. It is impossible to stay mad at such adorable faces!

I hope the above is helpful to anyone who is struggling with bunny proofing. Sometimes it feels like the bunny proofing never ends since they are always finding new things to get into, but it is definitely all worth it to get to have free-roaming bunnies!

If anyone has any additional tips for bunny-proofing your home, please feel free to share. I have learned so much from our Instagram followers and love getting new ideas for things to try!

Please feel free to DM me with anything you would like me to write about. My goal is to do at least one blog post a week for now. Clearly, I have not met that goal with my two blog posts in a month. Oops! I promise I'll be better next week, but for now I am blaming it on the bunnies keeping me busy ; )


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