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All The Details From My Most Recent Instagram Post

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

For those of you who saw my recent Instagram post, I got a ton of messages and comments asking for information on the Wayfair side table from it. I tried to answer everyone's questions in today's blog post.

You can click here for the link to the table on Wayfair. It is called "Cat Home Litter Box" by Trixie Pet Products (SKU: TXI1381). Last time, I checked this item was out of stock in white on Wayfair, so

I did some searching to see if it was available elsewhere in the white for anyone who was set on that SKU. Luckily, I found that it is available on Amazon and Overstock! It is called "Internet's Best Decorative Cat House & Side Table | Cat Home Nightstand | Indoor Pet Crate | Litter Box Enclosure" on Amazon and can be found here. On Overstock, it is called "Trixie Wooden Cat House and Litter Box Enclosure" and can be found here.

I have included pictures below of our setup inside the box as requested. I have a puppy pad underneath a small rug and blanket just incase there are any accidents. I have the rug and blanket to add cushion for their feet so that they aren't sitting on a hard surface for a prolonged period of time since they spend a good portion of the day sitting and eating hay! I also love that there are holes in the back of it because we always night light plugged in right behind the table, so it allows that light to come in from the back.

I chose to do a large ceramic bowl for the hay instead of a box/pan because they pee and poop while eating if it is a box. This causes me to throw out the hay a lot quicker because I don't want them digging their faces in it; even though they don't seem to care, I don't want them eating hay covered in pee and poop. The bowl actually works great because they don't go the bathroom while eating from it. For anyone, looking to put a box in it, you could fit one up to 16" W x 17" L.

I will say that although I love the table, it isn't the highest quality or sturdiest piece of furniture; I do think it is definitely worth the price though. I just wouldn't recommend putting anything heavy on top of it. It is sturdy enough for the bunnies to sit and jump on, but I wouldn't go putting a heavy lamp or what have you on top of it. I hope this helps! Feel free to DM me with any additional questions.


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