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  • Are they both litter-trained?
    Yes! They have both been trained to use a litter box since they were about four months old. Before they were neutered though, they would still leave droppings outside of it occassionally. They rarely leave any droppings outside of their litterbox since getting neutered. Hippo never pees outside of the litter box. Moose, on the otherhand, has a lot of attitude. He has somehow trained himself to pee when he gets really angry. For instance, if he doesn't get his food on time, he will look at you with this glare and then pee while staring you down. You can tell when he's about to do it too because he lifts his tale up super high. He always has to have his way! Luckily, Hippo doesn't get mad or at least not like Moose does. I am pretty sure though Hippo has no idea what is going on 98% of the time, so he isn't really capable of getting mad ; )
  • Where is their litter box?
    Their litter box is in the den area inside of a litter box side table enclosure. The one I have is from Wayfair and is called the Freda Cat Home Litter Box Enclosure. I used to have their litter box out in the open, but they were constantly kicking litter and poop everywhere whenever they would jump out. Also, to be completely honest, I hated looking at the litterbox! It messed up my feng shui ; ). At first, I was nervous they wouldn't get the hang of jumping into the enclosure, but they got the hang of it right away! It probably helped that their hay was in there as well. Before I got this litter box side table, their hay was completely separate from their litter box. I now have their hay inside of the enclosure with their litter box. Having both their hay and litter box inside of the enclosure helps contain the mess of flinging hay and litter! See below for their setup at our new home!
  • What do you use for a litter box and hay container?
    The exact litter pan and hay containers I bought are no longer available, but I did a little digging and found the closest to what I have for each. LITTER BOX: The dimensions of my litter box are as follows: 5.88'' H x 14.88'' W x 18.88'' D A great option is this one here from #Wayfair. HAY CONTAINER: I either stack two of these drawer organizer trays on top of each other just to give it some height. I put hay in the top one. I found this great deal for some on #Amazon. Dimensions of Trays: 12"x3"x2" I did recently switch to using one of the bamboo trays on the bottom and then I put a little bit larger drawer organizer on top that measures 16'' W x 4'' H x 3'' D. You can see an example of this in the below video. The one I bought is no longer in stock, but I have included the link to it here for reference.
  • How did you train them?
    Moose got the hang of using the litterbox when we gave him less space. We gradually gave him more room to run as he started to consistently go in the litter box more. Hippo was the complete opposite. He literally pooped everywhere until he was basically given the run of the place! We had tried everything with him, and he refused to use his litterbox when he was in his cage or gated in a smaller area. Checkout my blog post "Getting Down and Dirty: The Other Side to Life with Bunnies" for more details on how we potty trained them.
  • Coming Soon....
    1. Bonding Rabbits 2. Bunny Proofing 3. Diet/Meal Time 4. Daily Routine 5. Let me know what you would like to see here by commenting in the "Comment Box" at the bottom of the page!
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